Ramsons (wild garlic) pesto

Often there is more wild food growing around us than the birds and local wildlife could make use of so taking a little for your own use and foraging sustainably is unlikely to cause any harm. Ramsons (wild garlic) grows in abundance and you will not miss it of you have some growing near you 😉 There’s relatively little to confuse it with, making it a good first time forage if you’re new to this -nothing at all smells like garlic, except garlic! Nonetheless there are other things that grow with it that you do not want to ingest so its wise to double check.



You’ll need:

A large handful of ramsons

approx 60g of pine nuts or walnuts

approx 60g of parmesan cheese

approx 150 ml of olive oil

teaspoon or so of lemon juice

teaspoon of salt & couple of twists of cracked black pepper corns

Theres no real science to it, depends how you like it

First wash the garlic and chop, stalk, flowers, and all

Add all the ingredients to your food processor without the oil and whiz together

slowly add the oil as you whiz up for a further minute or so

add lemon, salt & pepper to taste


I used some rescued tomatoes and homegrown chili’s with a previously made hedgerow ketchup for a sauce. Delicious!




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