You may have seen or heard of The Real Junk Food Project on your tellybox recently.

Well now it’s your turn to switch that tellybox off and come and be part of an alternative to the ‘buy & throw society’. Lets save some unused food from waste together. Lets share some tasty nourishment together. Lets create and enjoy a real feel good social vibe! We aim to demonstrate how much good food is going to waste locally. How we can help prevent and eliminate that waste by turning it into tasty and nutritious food that will feed everyone! With that end in mind it is ‘pay as you feel’ for your meal with your money or your time or your skills. Bring yourself along to our next event and enjoy some great food and meet some great people!


Doncaster’s first TRJFP event was at Little Mo’s Snapshack in Scawsby on Friday the 13th February 2015. It was attended by chef Adam Smith the founder of The Real Junk Food Project who arrived as a surprise and we were delighted to meet! We held another event at the local womens centre spurred on by goodwill and support. Encouraged by this support received from the local community and two succesful events,  we set up  The Real Junk Food Project Doncaster as a non-profit organisation and joined the list of growing Junk Food Projects which began in Yorkshire in 2013 and has quickly spread international with projects in France, Germany, Australia, and South Africa.
The Real Junk Food Project Doncaster is a voluntary run food waste campaign, our entire menu is composed of food that would have otherwise been wasted.
We aim to encourage thought and educate about food production, distribution, and food waste. It’s about sharing the earth’s resources fairly, and consciously.
The ultimate aim of the project is to put itself out of existence. We challenge the way producers, restaurants, supermarkets, and all of the players within the food industry, not least the government, handle ordering, over production, distribution, and management of food in ways that creates the unnecessary waste of edible food. Supermarket’s aesthetic standards mean that in the UK 40% – 60% of crops are discarded before leaving the farm.
Wider aims of the project include providing education sessions on food waste, and growing our own ‘food forest’ garden. We aim to build food communities in Doncaster which are talking about sustainability, and sharing ethically.


We seek like minded groups/organisations and individuals who share our ethos to work with. The Hallcross pub have donated the use of their kitchen for catering and events and we hold the highest FSA rating of 5 . We’re pleased to confirm that we will have pay as you feel meals and a food boutique (unlimited acces to payf food) Friday 3-7pm starting the 7th August. Find us at 33-34 Hallgate Doncaster DN1 3NL.

Food Aware have worked in the area for 8 years rescuing food passed its ‘best before’ and we are pleased to be able to rescue fresh fruit and veg that has already been rescued once, that would not last the weekend from their friday food bank.

We rescue food from any food charity/producer/business etc that would otherwise end up as waste, restaurants such as Pappacass’ Italian,  Morrisons on York Rd and watervole way (5 week trial with access to food that would be wasted otherwise) Various allotments and growing projects in Doncaster, Doncaster bakery Cooplands shops (talks looking good, watch this space!) and even distribution warehouses (we were recently contacted about chocolate that needed rescuing) We prevent edible food becoming ‘waste’ which to us means landfill, and anaerobic digestion or animal fodder.
South Yorkshire digital design agency Unbloq, designed and developed our website as a donation to the project.


The GMB Doncaster Central D20 has sponsored us £250 to help with start-up expenses.

With help and guidance from the DMBC Stronger Communities Officer we received notification that we have secured a grant from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue to carry out a years outreach project with a mobile catering unit.



Here’s some of what we need:
Drivers and people with them to help intercept food. Drivers to help with our 12 month mobile van when the outreach project becomes operational very soon. Volunteers to cook and serve from the kitchen at Hallcross and the mobile catering unit.

People with business, accounting, financial and admin skills. People with project management skills and those with these skills who are interested in sustainability and our ethos in particular, who may be suitable for future directorships.

We hope to be able to provide food hygiene training to a level 2 and we can record hours as volunteer hours and provide references if needed.

Venues with a kitchen and dining space willing to host a pop-up waste food showcase in their community

Our own ‘forever home’ café to open daily to carry out our work

Heavy duty/luggage weighing scales, large catering pots and pans, crockery & cutlery, soup kettles and slow cookers, chefs knives and extra colour coded chopping boards, large roasting trays, kilner jars and bottles with lids, catering can opener, pressure cooker, heavy duty juicer, compost bins, wipe down table cloths, an A frame blackboard menu, espresso machine (we have coffee donations for it already), Take away containers.

Anything we can re-use or upcycle, into tables, chairs, planters, lighting, decorations; Dont bin it! Our forever home and daily cafe should be created this way. We will need skills from electricians, plumbers, joiners, fitters, crafters, and artists, to do so!

We need to ethically source and fund a van in keeping with our aims.

We need access to your food that would otherwise be waste. We intercept (or collect) from any size food business; restaurant, shop, food photographers, charities and food banks. We are here to save food, and promote thought about food waste, and food production.

Our ultimate aim is to work with partners to develop a food waste intitiative for the borough and encourage the growth of food communities sharing our ethos about waste in the Doncaster area. We aim to reduce food poverty and ensure everyone has access to food, We aim to reduce the needless strain on the earths limited resources.

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Our project

The Real Junk Food Project is a pioneering movement with an overarching aim of putting itself out of existence by abolishing avoidable food waste. It is a rapidly growing organic movement of 100% food surplus Pay As You Feel cafés. Food is wasted throughout the supply chain, supermarket’s aesthetic standards mean that in the U.K, over 40% of vegetables are discarded before leaving the farm. There are strict food labelling laws that mean perfectly healthy edible food is being mindlessly binned at every stage of the distribution chain. Food waste is a symptom of a much bigger problem that can only be addressed by re-evaluating our food production and distribution system. WRAP estimate that food distribution and retail generates 4.3 million tonnes of food waste each year in the UK, whilst simultaneously over 900,000 people were regularly using food banks in 2014

Our History

The concept was the original idea of Adam Smith a chef from Yorkshire who became preoccupied with the growing problem of wasted food after spending a year working on farms in Australia. Adam returned to Leeds and connected with Sam Joseph and Conor Walsh, two University students who had been exposed to supermarket waste for years, together their passion, energy and dedication created the first PAYF café in Armley, Leeds in December 2013. It has sparked the creation of a national organic network of similar cafés totalling over 40 that serve 100% food surplus on a strictly Pay-As-You-Feel (PAYF) basis. Over the past 12 months the projects have intercepted close to 50 tonnes of food and fed thousands of people. This is a collaborative effort to bring about a radical change in our food system.

Food Waste – The Big Problem:

TRJFP raises awareness of waste as a symptom of a much bigger problem that can only be addressed by re-evaluating our food production and distribution system. TRJFP is a direct response to the current intensive food system that targets consumers using the ‘commodity’ of food as a resource to portray abundance, choice and continuous supply with the singular aim of increasing profits. This system disconnects each part of the food supply chain from the grower to the consumer, as well as disconnecting the value of each process, including the value of waste.

PAYF a less wasteful system:

The Real Junk Food project’s over arching aim is to abolish avoidable food waste thus driving itself out of existence, until the systemic change necessary to achieve this worthy goal is brought about, we believe that our PAYF café model can play an important role as we transition towards a less wasteful system. The project represents an alternative to de-valuing edible food waste by creating an inclusive community space responding to the environmental impacts of waste disposal as well as unemployment and community engagement. Everyone is part of creating the café spaces, whether you are a customer, a volunteer or a supporter, PAYF allows everyone to contribute to what they think the food, the space, the idea and the bigger picture is worth. PAYF offers an alternative to the conventional payment system, as there is no price on any produce. Our system transcends monetary transactions and liberates people to use their skills and attributes as well as money to pay for their meals.



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